Across the data pond – Analyzing a sea of ocean data

Across the data pond - Analyzing a sea of ocean data




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Halifax (Cox & Palmer, location TBD) – Berlin (Embassy of Canada)

17 November 2016                              #GCC2016

Going into the fifth installment of the German Canadian Concourse series (GCC), in 2016 the GCC ventures into the ocean, discovering a new sea of data generated from disparate sources in globally exploring and monitoring our oceans. The GCC will connect with transatlantic topic-matter experts to explore the use ofcombing and analyzing oceans data and how to couple its scientific research with local and international business eco-systems that can generate larger economic growth through new businesses and enhanced services/products of existing organizations.

Canada and Germany, in particular Atlantic Canada and the maritime states of Germany, are predestined partners in the maritime sector. They already collaborate in various ways in oceans research such as educational exchange programs, shared scientific assets and international R&D programs. At the same time each region has different competencies relating to funding science, spurring corresponding economic growth and applying success models from other related industries. The GCC 2016 will investigate the existing transatlantic collaboration surrounding ocean analytics, while discovering new approaches and maritime opportunities in the following thematic pillars:

+ Cooperation in research & education

Existing transatlantic university collaboration and areas for expansion

+ Science & innovation

Use-cases for Oceans Data and new fields of innovation emerging from scientific research

Entrepreneurial eco-systems

Economic opportunity in oceans data and new & related business eco-systems to support growth

Security implications

How commercialization of access to ocean data changes the maritime security landscape

The 2016 Concourse will build on previous conferences (GCC 2014 “Transatlantic Start-UpSurge”, GCC 2013 “Going Transatlantic through Space”) seeking to emphasize key lessons from Germany and Canada.

Date and Venue

The GCC convenes on 17 November 2016 in Berlin (Embassy of Canada) and in Halifax (Cox & Palmer, location TBD) for a Transatlantic Symposium, interconnected via video conferencing.

The Field Trip locations are: Airbus Defence & Space Intelligence and Geoforschungszentrum, Potsdam, as well as Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship, Dartmouth


The objective of the GCC 2016 is to provide:

+ An overview of existing transatlantic exchange in the applicable field;

+ A platform to connect and form new or strengthen existing relationships;

+ A physical and virtual space to enable new ideas for collaboration;

+ Material to underpin and spur action in transatlantic relations.

GCC Concept

The German Canadian Concourse is a real-time transatlantic conference series conceived as a platform for exchange among Canadian and German professionals on topics with relevance to both countries. On an annual basis, the GCC convenes at the Canadian Embassy in Berlin, and simultaneously at a location inCanada for a daylong event.

The central part of the Concourse is a half-day conference session interlinking the conference venues via video-conference for a true transatlantic discussion, the Transatlantic Symposium. So-called Field Tripsorganized as satellite events by alternating partner organization allow for a practical insight into the subject matter and stimulate the exchange on the Concourse topic. The GCC offers various networking opportunities and concludes with a Networking Reception.

Program and Registration

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