Meetup For Canadians – Kickoff in Düsseldorf

Dear Canadians!

We thought about a plan for a Kick-Off concerning our „Meetup For Canadians in Düsseldorf“.

What about a Sunday brunch at the Medienhafen on April 10, 2016? There is for example the Café Eigelstein, where we can meet and have a warm and cold breakfast. The brunch is available until 2 pm so you need not get up early. Enjoy the brunch and enjoy the exchange with other Canadians. And maybe you are about to gather some ideas for common events (Thanksgiving, Canada Day etc.) and for a regular „Meetup For Canadians“.

After the brunch we can walk along the Rhine promenade and finally do for example a panorama boat trip or a boat trip to Kaiserswerth with the White Fleet (Weiße Flotte).  It is up to you!

All Canadians are heartily welcome!

And additionally you are also heartily welcome to join the Canadian wine tasting at the Stilwerk in Düsseldorf on March 12, 2016 at 4 pm. 13 Canadian wineries from BC, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Quebec will be there. Have a great tasting, exchange with the Canadian exhibitors and with the Canada lovers from our KANADATREFF community.

We are looking forward to seeing you!!!

Register for the „Meetup For Canadians“ Kick-Off here

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