Sprachreise durch Kanada – VHS Kaiserslautern

Kursnummer: AN4730

Info: 30 USt. 15 Termine, B1/B2, ab 6 Anmeldungen.
Practice and improve your English and learn about Canada! Are you planning to go to Canada for a vacation? Would you like to know more about the country north of the United States Of America? Are you interested in improving your English vocabulary and grammar by reading, watching and discussing authentic texts, short video clips and Canadian radio broadcasts? This course is for advanced learners of English who would answer „yes“ to one, two or all of these questions.

Dokumente: Für diesen Kurs sind keine Dokumente vorhanden.

Bitte mitbringen: Unterrichtsmaterialien werden im Unterricht bekannt gegeben.

Kosten: 105,00 € € (Ermäßigung möglich)


WBZ, Raum 208
Kanalstraße 3
67655 Kaiserslautern

Termine: Donnerstags 18-19.30h, 1.2.-7.6.2018.